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De Facto VS Universal: which lead capture platform outperforms on price and quality?

Posted by Ryan Schefke on

De Facto VS Universal: which lead capture platform outperforms on price and quality?

You might be considering a universal lead capture solution, however you’ve heard that you need to pay for a developer’s license. I don’t want you to worry about that cost.

On the surface, it probably seems like you’re going have to spend more money than paying for the app provided by the trade show. That’s not the case.

We’ve actually done a survey across thousands of trade shows.

What we found is that companies that use the trade-show-provided app end up spending 171% more than they would using a universal lead capture solution.

How could that be?

Well, first and foremost, you have to understand that the trade-show-appointed app charges per user. So now you’ve got to pay for each individual person inside your booth to have this lead capture app. If you’re a large company, you’re sending many people to your events. That’s going to add up over time.

You want to have a universal lead capture solution that provides a very flexible business model.

Our model here is that we want everybody in your company to be using the app, no matter where they’re at and whatever time it might be.

Outside of the hard financials, you also have to consider opportunity cost. Again, if somebody in your company doesn’t have a lead capture application on their device and they’re talking to a great lead, they’re not gonna run around and have to go fetch a scanner or fetch a device that has this app in there. You want to have this lead capture app at their fingertips.

What is the cost of missing that potential lead?

Also, a lot of lead capture apps provided by the trade shows aren’t flexible. They’re not customizable. So you have to consider the opportunity cost of not collecting a complete data set, not collecting the data that your business cares about so that you get that data immediately into your CRM, and you can segment and communicate and follow up appropriately.

There’s a cost for not being efficient.
There’s a cost for not doing business in a very fluid way.

So, consider all those factors when you are looking at a universal lead capture app for your business.

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De Facto VS Universal Lead Capture Solutions

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